Sports clothing

Sports clothing

Sports clothing

Sports clothing for men is made of the gighest quality and natural bamboo fiber and merino wool. 

Sports clothes

GREEN ROSE sport's clothes for men are created of fibers that are very pleasant to wear. They are soft against the skin; they absorb moisture and evaporate quickly the human sweat. And you will not smell any unpleasant sweat odor. 

Gym clothing

Our gym clothing, like t-shirts, made of bamboo are very pleasant, soft, fits perfectly to man's body and make it look perfect. What is more, they cool you perfectly. 

GREEN ROSE thermal sport's t-shirts are very functional. They not only absorb the sweat but also move together with you. You will not regret if you choose our running clothes, because they are made of 100% natural merino wool. Our sports clothes absorb water but retain warmth when wet. 

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