Baby rompers

Baby rompers

Baby rompers

Baby rompers are perfect to wear for a newborn as well as for a toddler. Baby feels warm and cozy in our baby romper

Baby rompers history

Did you know that rompers appeared in the early 1900s in America? In France, they were, for many years, worn only by boys. Baby rompers were very popular as playwear because they were ideal for movement. Rompers were the first modern casual clothes for children. They were light and loose fitting, and differed a lot from the 19th century Victorian era's children clothing. And their styles varied from country to country. 

Merino wool baby romper suits 

Merino wool baby romper suits are ideal for newborns in winter time. Put our merino wool romper suit on your baby and his little toes and feet will feel warm and pleasant. Warm and soft merino wool fiber will make your baby feel calm and sleep better. 

Bamboo baby romper suits

Bamboo baby romper suits are the softest and nicest rompers for your baby. They are made of ecological and certified bamboo fiber. They are perfect for babies even with allergic skin. 

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