If you want your baby to look not only nice but comfortable and warm, you will find everything in here. GREEN ROSE offers you cute accessories for your baby.

Baby gloves

GREEN ROSE baby gloves made of merino wool perform couple of functions. First of all, they are perfect to wear at home for your newborn baby, because they won't let your baby scratch himself, in this way you will protect your baby's face. Also, they will hide your baby's hands from the cold and warm them; they will keep normal body temperature if wearing at home. 

Baby bibs

GREEN ROSE has various warm and stylish baby bibs made of merino wool.

Baby bibs are multifunctional, as they can warm your baby's neck and absorb moisture perfectly. They are as stylish, as useful. These baby bibs will be a perfect help for you from the birth: when baby's teeth are cutting, when he is eating, or just simply going outside for a walk, to warm his little neck. 

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