Merino wool clothing

Merino Wool Clothing Can Be Used:

  • By people with sensitive skin;
  • By people during active wear;
  • For general wear;
  • For insulation in cold weather;
  • For comfort in Underwear items.


Why Merino wool?

Whether you love hiking, running, or just walking—whether you spend time in the woods, mountains, or just in the city during cold season, whether your children doing — sleeping, playing, running, walking - you need high quality wear that will insure comfort for you. You need Merino woll clothing. Each fiber of Merino wool contains thousands of tiny air pockets which act like insulation, protecting you against the heat or cold. The unique feature of this type of wool combine to diminish the damp feeling you can get from wearing wet wool clothing.

Then you and your family are wearing clothing made with Merino wool you can enjoy these benefits:

Merino wool Explanation
Is breathable Merino wool has a natural ability to breathe, ensuring you feel more comfortable over across a greater range of temperatures
Is a natural Merino wool is so natural, it contains keratin elements, which are also found in our own bodies, giving us healthy hair and nails. It is what gives our ‘dead’ cells a glossy, silky feeling, and this is also found in Merino Wool clothing
Is an Anti-Microbial

Merino wool deters bacteria and the subsequent odour. When sweat is released, it is the bacteria that cause odour, so Merino wool’s natural design ensures that sweat can remain on the garment without releasing odour for a period of time, estimated over a few days, or wears, dependent on how much you put it through!

Reducing the risk of allergies and illness associated with skin pathogens too

Feels soft against the skin—no itchy feeling People with sensitive skin feel no irritation when wearing a Merino wool clothing. The silky feel is why merino wool is often used underwear
Is highly absorbent Merino wool fibre can hold up to 30% of its weight in moisture before it starts to feel damp. Paradoxically, due to the scale structure, spilled liquids run off
Absorbs moisture It works by absorbing moisture vapour next to the skin, keeping body dry and less clammy. The vapour then moves away and evaporates, helping maintain a constant, comfortable temperature
Is warm One of wool's greatest and most unique properties is that even when wet, wool provides warmth. Wool generates heat as moisture is absorbed, this heat then allows the wool to dry
Is temperature controlling Merino wool is naturally breathable making it a very efficient temperature regulator
Is lightweight yet very strong and durable Though lighter, thinner, and more breathable than other clothing merino wool is many times more durable and resilient. Merino wool can be bent 30,000 times without breakage
Is practicality Merino wool's elasticity ensures garments are durable and long lasting, making them an economical choice and more cost effective than many other fibres
Is naturally Anti-Static Due to the Merino wool’s ability to retain moisture which reduces static resistance. It also eliminates the “clingy” look which so often occurs with man-made fibres
Is fireproof When great heat is applied the fibre will smoulder but does not burn readily. This property greatly reduces the risk of the wearer being burnt making it an ideal fibre for babies and the elderly
Is easy to care for Every Merino fibre has a natural protective outer layer that resists dirt and prevents stains being absorbed, so clothing is easy to clean. Merino is naturally odour resistant too, keeping your clothes fresher for longer and requiring less frequent washing
Is machine washable and retains its shape GREEN ROSE garments from Merino wool are machine washable. This feature ensures your garments can be washed in the washing machine and won’t shrink; the fit of your garments will remain the same for the life of the garment